What are Črkoslikarije

At Črkoslikarije workshops for elementary school students, letters and signs are designed and painted. Each workshop is thematically concepted: first, a certain style/historical period and its specifics are presented. Then, letters or signs are designed. Workshops for older primary school and secondary school students include emphasis on the laws of type design and various techniques and approaches.

We nurture the craft of sign-painting, learn about historical periods and create. First, we listen to the story of the selected font, then with acrylic paints, we paint letters on impregnated wood panels. Sometimes, however, we design signs and lettering on cardboard and color with markers.

In the beginning, the time-machine of Črkoslikarije stops with a story somewhere in the colourful history. We get to know a typography from a historical period, an artistic movement or a special occasion: find out how Latin letters were born, meet the decorated initials, discover the variety of calligraphic techniques, the beauty of the first printed letters, special poster letters of the 19th century and wonder trough diverse artistic movements of the vibrant 20th century. Sometimes we take a look at other parts of the world and look at the other types of writings. Then, with a brush and colours, design and paint a letter or word on a specially prepared board and take home a real sign-painting.

* Suitable for 8+

Each workshop* is unique, join in, we will have fun!