What are Črkoslikarije

We nur­ture the craft of sign-paint­ing, learn about his­tor­i­cal peri­ods and cre­ate. First, we lis­ten to the sto­ry of the select­ed font, then with acrylic paints, we paint let­ters on impreg­nat­ed wood panels.

ART DECO… or how easy it is to create something elegantly luxurious

HELVETICA… or how the Swiss designed the classic

SLAB SERIFS: How do I get your attention?

POP ART: Can you hear what I’m writing?

UNCIAL… or how the upper and lower case letters were once combined

ROMAN CAPITAL… or how letters were carved for the emperor

WILD WEST: Thick soles and wide hats


THIS IS NOT GRAFFITI! Style and message

NEOCLASSICAL LETTER: The birth of true glamour

CHALK-O-LETTER: Make your own board and  chalk-o-write

MONOSPACE: Monospaced computer letters in the analogue world

… and that’s not all